Konvekta - Tradition & Innovation

KONVEKTA has been a successful and innovative manufacturer of thermo systems for commercial vehicles since 50 years. Therefore Konvekta is able to provide a wide range of high-quality products for the most applications.

Due to our well-based experience we are able to offer smart solutions for regular air conditioning units for standard vehicles and also the development of specialized solutions for non-standard applications.

We emphasize on functional character and design. Especially in the field of vehicle technology the service has a very high status because it is absolutely important that partners and customers can rely on a well functioning world-wide service and production network with trained employees.

Manufacturing with a high grade of in-house production

Konvekta air conditioning systems provide the necessary individuality and flexibility thanks to the high grade of in-house production. So the heat exchangers for evaporators and condensers are produced in-house. On the housing technology sector, especially long-lasting materials – variable in size, properties and condition – are manufactured individually.

  • Technology and innovation centre

    In-house air conditioning devices and heat pumps will be tested and optimised in the new technology and innovation centre. Equipped with the most modern technology, requirements of the customers shall be met in the best possible way. With the ever-increasing demands of the market and the tougher competition in the air conditioning industry, Konvekta is safeguarding its long term position with this new construction.

    Apart from offices and presentation rooms on two floors, as well as a control centre on the upper floor, there shall be an exhibition and presentation area for customers and visitors. There are a vehicle air conditioning chamber on the ground floor for vehicles to drive in, measuring a total length of 24 metres and a height of 5.5 metres that is designed for the most diverse types and sizes of vehicles. The new building meets the most stringent requirements, being divisible in three independently functioning test regions or even as a large area chamber for special vehicles, such as, for example, double-decker and articulated buses.

    The air conditioning and heating units are tested for their suitability of use under the most diverse conditions of temperature and climate – wherein even solar radiation is simulated and a temperature range of -25 °C up to +50 °C can be reached. In the additional function and performance test benches, individual components can be tested both stringently and comprehensively. Furthermore, even the service life can be determined in test benches especially set up for this purpose.

    The quality of the products is crucial for the success of a company. The technology and innovation centre will ensure the quality of the products and also make a significant contribution to the optimisation of the manufacturing processes.


  • Sheet metal production

    With state-of-the art production facilities on the pressing technique sector, we are able to manufacture everything from a prototype part up to mass production at low cost.


    Efficient work in our sheet metal production department

    On our CNC pressing-nibbling machines, we are able to handle steel and aluminum sheets up to 4 mm thickness as well as stainless steel sheets up to 2mm thickness and the dimensions up to a length of 3,000 mm and a width of 1,500 mm. With our state-of-the-art CNC-controlled trimming presses we are able to edge parts with a edging length up to 3 m.

    Our production facilities are very economic. We produce with our modern machines according to different process steps fully or partly automated in one go.

    We manufacture your steel, stainless steel or aluminum parts in single or serial production, with the utmost precision and at the utmost cost effectiveness.



  • Heat exchanger production

    An optimized layout for production expertise guarantees the realization of specific customer requirements. Together with our customers, we develop the optimal geometry, combination of materials and the supply pipe specification. For special tasks, we offer use-oriented surface coatings.
    Made-to-measure for the respective operating conditions, our products stand for durability and a high safety level.

    Surface Treatment
    If desired by the customer, we offer our heat exchangers as a varnished version. The varnishing provides an increased corrosion resistance as well as the possibility to choose colour and design according to individual requirements.


  • Broad variety of piping sets

    Our continuously growing production facility underlies a strict quality management and manufacturing and testing is done according to ISO standard. Our spacious tubing stock and the comprehensive stock of finished products guarantee the necessary flexibility and the ability to react quickly on the customers’ requirements.

    For the production of y-pipes, distributors and collectors, we use copper pipes fulfilling CUPRO CLIMA standard. Fins are made of aluminum or copper band. On request, we also offer special aluminum alloys, hygroscopic coatings and special surface coatings.

    The connection of pipe and fin is established by mechanical expansion of the pipes.

    Leakage Testing
    As standard practice, all heat exchangers and construction parts undergo a permeability and pressure test according to DIN 8964. Therefore, an air-pressure underwater test is conducted.

    Quality Assurance
    Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2008.
    For all divisions and departments, there are defined quality assurance plans which guarantee the high quality standard of our products.


  • Housing Technology

    Concerning housing technology, we can individually adapt our manufacturing procedures to different customers’ needs: Starting with sheet metal casings from our own production, followed by synthetic die-cast components and up to an extremely long-lasting and durable construction material which forms the basis for the reception of all construction elements.


  • Production of heating, ventilation, cooling and air conditioning units


    Air conditioning systems are our passion

    To be able to meet the increasing quality requirements of the market, we continuously realign our ourselves. In the last few years, Konvekta AG has experienced a steady worldwide growth.

    The most important resource and decisive factor is our staff. The colleagues operate the machines of our certified production plant. Each air conditioning unit is manufactured manually, and our colleagues make sure that our high quality standard is met constantly. With know-how and passion. Day after day.


Service you can simply rely on

High-end consulting skills, proximity to customers and a perfectly organized service network—that is KONVEKTA.

Whenever you need us, we are there for you.
Fast. Reliable. Worldwide.

  • Schwalmstadt, Germany

    Headquarters Schwalmstadt

    Factory 1+2

    Formation: 1957
    Manufacturing program: Air conditioning units and transport refrigeration systems


    Am Nordbahnhof 5
    34613 Schwalmstadt


    phone: +49 (0) 66 91 76-0
    fax: +49 (0) 66 91 · 76 -111
    e-mail: info(at)konvekta.com 

  • Barchfeld, Germany

    Production location Barchfeld

    Factory 3

    Formation: 1993
    Manufacturing program: Air conditioning systems, Heat exchanger and copper tubes


    Konvekta KKI Kälte- und Klima KG
    Am Eisberg 13
    36456 Barchfeld


    phone: +49 (0) 3 69 61 8 99-0
    fax: +49 (0) 3 69 61 · 8 99 -10
    e-mail: barchfeld(at)konvekta.com 


  • Istanbul, Turkey

    Production location Istanbul

    Formation: 1984
    Manufactoring programm: Air conditioning units,
    Transport refrigeration units, Bus interior decoration


    Isiso Sanayi Sitesi Yani
    Hosdere Mevkii
    P.K. 34860
    Hadimköy / Istanbul


    phone: +90 212 623 2080
    e-mail: demir.keten[at]konvekta-istanbul.com

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Production location Buenos Aires

    Formation: 1998
    Manufactoring programm: Air conditioning units


    KONVEKTA S. A. Argentina

    Parque Industrial Pilar
    Calle 20  N° 358

    B 1629 MXA

    Pilar - Buenos Aires


    phone: + 54 - 23 22 49 66 21
    fax: + 54-230-4496-622 ext 13

    e-mail: administracion(at)konvekta.com.ar 

  • Taicang China

    Production location Taicang

    Formation: 2000
    Manufactoring programm: Air conditioning units


    KONVEKTA Air Condition (Taicang) Co. Ltd.
    168 North Taiping Rd.
    215400 Taicang Jiangsu
    PR China


    phone: +86-512 53402326
    fax: +86 (512) 53405399
    email: info(at)konvekta.com.cn  

  • Mumbai, India

    Production Location Andheri (E) Mumbai

    Foundation: 2012
    Production program: Air conditioning systems




    D-236B, Ansa Idustrial Estate, Saki Vihar Road,

    Nr. Saki Naka, Andheri (E) Mumbai - 400072


    Contact: +91 9833115915
    e-mail: asif.khan[at]konvektaindia.com


In the category "Component manufacturers", we were honored with the EBUS Award for our "Konvekta CO2 Heat Pump 2. Gen."

Construction and opening of the technology and innovation center at Schwalmstadt

In the category "bus equipment", we were honored with the International Busplaner Sustainability Award 2017 for the "Konvekta CO2 Heat Pump Gen. 2"

Member of the Innovation Path at the IAA 2016 in Hanover

Busworld Innovation Label for the presentation of "Konvekta CO2 Heat Pump 2. Gen."

Busworld Innovation Label for the presentation of an environmentally friendly air conditioning system with CO2 as refrigerant


Opening of the adhesive center in Schwalmstadt


The Founder of Konvekta Carl H. Schmitt and the former head of the development department Prof. Dr. Jürgen Köhler obtain the German Environment Award 2007



Performance of the new UltraLight a/c unit - the worldwide lightest unit


50 year anniversary of Konvekta AG


Konvekta obtained a price for innovative railway technology of the ifv Bahntechnik



Participation in the Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany as one of the selected 300 world-wide Projects Konvekta obtained in line with the European Competition for a better Environment the 2. Award for environmentally friendly Technologies Foundation of Konvekta Taicang



Konvekta received under the European competition for a better environment 2nd prize for environmentally friendly technologies


IAA-world premiere: Konvekta presents its newly developed air conditioning system with today’s most environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2 Foundation of Konvekta Argentina Foundation Konvekta Indonesia


The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 9001


Foundation of the subsidiary KKI in Barchfeld one of the leading state-of-the- art plants for the production of heat exchangers in Europe


The company changed its name from Konvekta GmbH to Konvekta AG


IAA-Presentation of the first air conditioning system using the CFC-free refrigerant R 134a


30th company anniversary and official opening of Plant II


World premiere:First complete compact roof-top air conditioning system for coaches


First Konvekta roof-top unit for trucks


First Konvekta - transport refrigeration system


First Konvekta - vehicle air conditioning system was developed


The company changed its name from Ziegenhainer Kachelofenbau GmbH to Konvekta GmbH

Foundation of a company called “Kachelofenbau (Tiled Stove Production) Ziegenhain” producting tiled stove air heating systems

Name:    Carl H. Schmitt
Address:  Am Nordbahnhof 5
D-34613 Schwalmstadt

Date/Place of birth:
06.05.1931 in Ziegenhain, now Schwalmstadt as son of a merchant

1951 - 1955 
University Studies at Frankfurt University - Degree: Diplom Kaufmann

1955 - 1957 
Clerk at the family-owned hardware store

Civil Status: 
married / 3 children and 1 foster son


Business Activities
1.04.1957  Foundation of the company Air Heating Systems

1961   Foundation of the company KONVEKTA GmbH -
             Heating and air conditioning systems for buildings

1965   Production start of vehicle air conditioning systems
             and cooling systems for cooling vehicles / transport refrigeration

1987   Foundation of the KONVEKTA foundation for education and apprenticeship in developing countries

1983   Foundation of the company Konvekta Turkey -
            Air conditioning and cooling systems for commercial vehicles

1992   Foundation of the company KKI Schmitt KG in Thüringen -
             Components for cooling and air conditioning systems

1998    Foundation of the company KONVEKTA ARGENTINA -
              Heating and air conditioning systems for commercial vehicles

1999   Foundation of the company KONVEKTA INDONESIA -
              Heating and air conditioning systems for commercial vehicles

2000    Foundation of the company KONVEKTA TAICANG, CHINA - 
              Heating and air conditioning systems for commercial vehicles

2005    Foundation of the Konvekta-C. H. Schmitt Foundation for culture


Honorary activities / committees

1964 – 1996  elected representative in city and district council “Schwalm-Eder”

1985 – 1995  Foreign Trade Committee, Chamber of Commerce in Kassel

1996 – today Member of the Asia-Pacific-Committee of the German Industry
                       and member of the Steering Committee

1997 – 2004  Member of the BDI SME-Committee

1999 – today  VDA – Member of the Advisory Board of the Manufacturer Group III –
                        Component Suppliers

2000 –          Member of the Round Table of the BDI

2000 – today Member of the Managing Board of the VDA–SME Committee

2005             Foundation of the Konvekta Children’s Home for Tsunami orphans in Medan / Sumatra
2006 -           Member of the BDI - Business Round Table

2007             German Environment Award by the German Federal President
                         for the Development of air conditioning and cooling systems
                         with the natural refrigerant CO2

2007 – today  Member of the BDI Initiative for a better climate


Certificates and awards

Konvekta C.H. Schmitt Foundation

In the center of Germany is the ancient and diverse cultural landscape of Schwalm: On the middle reaches of the river is home, who gave it its name, the North Hesse region extends between Knüllgebirge, Vogelsberg and Kellerwald. It encloses some 25 villages and towns Ziegenhain and Treysa, when taken together with other unincorporated areas, the city of the same name Schwalmstadt.

The area is a traditional, self-contained and dominantly agricultural settlement area on the edge of ancient trade routes. Despite its economic remoteness and at first glance, without the necessary political and cultural requirements, the region has only to rich heritage and a large pool of cultural products.

Since the 50s of the 20th century, an increasing loss of Schwälmer tradition is to complain. The typical, richly designed costumes about is only very occasionally carried by mostly elderly women; the men's costume is, however, long gone from the streets.

The Konvekta C.H. Schmitt Foundation has made in the country version uncommitted public contract to own: the knowledge to preserve the traditions and the cultural identity of Schwalm from responsibility for this region.

The foundation was recognized on 2 March 2004 as a foundation under civil law - It pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes.


Carl Heinrich Schmitt was the foundation house - born in 1931 Muhlystraße 5-. With his foundation he wants to contribute to the preservation of this historic building. The long ties with the region and the love of Schwalm are the drive for civil commitment of the founder and lead 2004 establishing the Konvekta C.H. Schmitt Foundation.

The Konvekta-Children's Home

The largest project of the Foundation is a children's home for tsunami orphans in Medan, Sumatra, which opened of 2005. As Christmas the tsunami devastated the coasts of Southeast Asia, the Aceh province in northern Sumatra was particularly affected.

After a viewfinder we found an initiative in Bremen, several women, including an Indonesian, who comes from Sumatra, who have endeavored to build an orphanage.

The Result:

  • an orphanage for fourteen children aged seven to fifteen years
  • care of children until the completion of vocational training
  • supervision by a home manager with deputies and two teachers

Most children who were initially managed by the Foundation, are in the meantime in a job and left the children home. To continue the Konvekta children's home, the Foundation has deaf agree little children taken from families expelled children and physically and / or mentally handicapped children.

The children were newly recorded partially exposed on the road - the youngest child was younger than a year old. In Indonesia, such children are considered worthless life. The children are lovingly cared for in our children's home, which is encouraged and recognized by the city government.

The children's home is now financed primarily by Konvekta. very simple but functional - - In addition to the current cost of care and school fees and is funded Establishment.

Other projects

Nursah Ari was in 2013 among the top 500 best high school and is now studying medicine at the prestigious Marmara University in Istanbul.

Because every day would take about four hours for Nursah the way to and from the university, the Konvekta C.H. Schmitt Foundation declared its willingness this promising young physician to fund a dorm room on campus.

Nursah Ari plays in their free time in Violin Orchestra Marmara University and table tennis. She already has a certificate for the German language at the Goethe Institute in Istanbul and now hopes for next year on an internship at a German university hospital. This summer completed Nursah Ari a medical internship with an international aid organization in Bratislava.


How successful learning Children with an immigrant background, the German language when they are introduced at the tender kindergarten age in a playful way about it?

The Konvekta C.H. Schmitt Foundation has launched a pilot project with a kindergarten in Bad Hersfeld to life and has set a primary school teacher in part-time at the moment.

Perhaps other learning methods should be used for children with an immigrant background. Because to capture the classic subject matter of the first class from learning and reading the first few letters and words to the first writing exercises, these children are too far away because of their age and their lack of knowledge of German. However, common singing and speaking to far better results and progress lead in learning the German language.


Konvekta-C.H. Schmitt Foundation

Chairwoman: Christina Hoos

Muhlystraße 5
34613 Schwalmstadt

Postal address: 

Am Nordbahnhof 5
34613 Schwalmstadt

phone +49 (0) 66 91 76-112
e-mail: ChristinaHoos(at)konvekta.com