Technology and innovation centre

In-house air conditioning devices and heat pumps will be tested and optimised in the new technology and innovation centre. Equipped with the most modern technology, requirements of the customers shall be met in the best possible way. With the ever-increasing demands of the market and the tougher competition in the air conditioning industry, Konvekta is safeguarding its long term position with this new construction.

Apart from offices and presentation rooms on two floors, as well as a control centre on the upper floor, there shall be an exhibition and presentation area for customers and visitors. There are a vehicle air conditioning chamber on the ground floor for vehicles to drive in, measuring a total length of 24 metres and a height of 5.5 metres that is designed for the most diverse types and sizes of vehicles. The new building meets the most stringent requirements, being divisible in three independently functioning test regions or even as a large area chamber for special vehicles, such as, for example, double-decker and articulated buses.

The air conditioning and heating units are tested for their suitability of use under the most diverse conditions of temperature and climate – wherein even solar radiation is simulated and a temperature range of -25 °C up to +50 °C can be reached. In the additional function and performance test benches, individual components can be tested both stringently and comprehensively. Furthermore, even the service life can be determined in test benches especially set up for this purpose.

The quality of the products is crucial for the success of a company. The technology and innovation centre will ensure the quality of the products and also make a significant contribution to the optimisation of the manufacturing processes.