"International busplaner Sustainability Award" for Konvekta

Subject: Vehicle air conditioning for E-buses / International Sustainability Award

Berlin - The Konvekta EmCO2s system (Ecological Mobile CO2 System) has been honored with the International busplaner Sustainability Award 2021.

This year, the trade journal busplaner awarded the "International busplaner Sustainability Award" for the fifth time.

The award was given for the most outstanding ideas of companies and products that verifiably make an economic contribution to protecting the environment and thus promote global sustainability.

This year's winner in the vehicle components category is the new EmCO2s emission-free heating and air conditioning system. With its heat pump function and the alternative refrigerant CO2, the system impressed the jury.

After current tests in the very cold months that lie behind us, the full efficiency range of the system is evident.

Vehicles with an EmCO2s system required only 1.58 kWh/km. A system with purely electric heating requires 2.15 kWh/km under the same conditions. At these low temperatures, electric buses with an EmCO2s system were thus able to save around 27% energy or increase their range by 27%. If we only compare the consumption of the heating systems, the EmCO2s system saves 58% of the energy compared to a purely electric heating system.