HVAC Systems for construction and agricultural machinery

Air Conditioning Systems for Cabins in commercial vehicles

As your system partner, KONVEKTA delivers intelligent complete climate control solutions for cabins in construction, agricultural, forestry and special machinery.

Innovative technology that combines performance with comfort and cost-saving. Whatever the weather.
Our heating and air-conditioning systems provide just that: an optimal working climate and the necessary fresh air for 100% concentration.

Product Range HVAC Systems

  • Modular Air Conditioning Series

    Modular Air Conditioning Series

    A climate solution for all vehicle cabs - variants air conditioning (cooling and Heating), cooling, heating for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, off-road machinery, harvesters, ambulances and rescue vehicles.

  • aiRLine - Air conditioning and heating systems

    aiRLine - Air conditioning and heating systems

    The aiRLine provides the most comfortable working environment in cabs of off-road and heavy-duty machinery due to the high performance insulation of EPP Die aiR Line sorgt durch die Hochleistungsisolierung von EPP für das angenehmste Arbeitsklima in Kabinen von Off-Road und Heavy-Duty Maschinerie.

  • Customised air conditioning units

    Customised air conditioning units

    KONVEKTA realises your system concept completely in line with your imagination.

KONVEKTA system and component supplier:

Your advantages and possibilities with individual air conditioning systems from KONVEKTA

  • Individual system solutions for construction, agricultural, forestry and special machinery
  • Complete implementation of solutions and delivery
    of all components through KONVEKTA as system Partner
  • High product variability for a wide range of different requirements and design conditions
  • Use of sustainable technologies and eco-friendly materials
  • Realisation of AC systems operated by CO2
  • Solutions developed using the very latest engineering and simulation tools
  • Complete support throughout all project and development stages

KONVEKTA cabin air conditioning

the range of services:

  • Individual system solutions for construction, agricultural, forestry and special machinery
  • Complete solution implementation and delivery of all components by KONVEKTA as system partner
  • High product variability for the most diverse requirements and constructive conditions
  • Use of sustainable technologies 

We are here to support you with your off-highway projects.

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