Track Vehicle HVAC Sys.

Pointing you towards the future!

Put your rail vehicles on the tracks towards the future - with KONVEKTA air conditioning technology. Our engineers are constantly working on new technological developments in order to make your air conditioning units more efficient, environmentally-friendly and reliable. The result is solutions that enhance the comfort level for passengers and drivers - and with the help of which, manufacturers and traffic companies operate more economically.


After receiving your enquiry, we discuss your project with you and determine the current situation. Based on a system specification, we check the requirements of your vehicles and we develop a customised concept jointly with you so as to meet your requirements. This is the submission for an initial offer.

Based on the project drawing, other meetings and negotiations take place up until a mutually agreed project status is present, with which they can issue the order for the development of a new system.

Our engineers will meticulously develop your air conditioning unit for you. In doing so, your contact persons will remain in close contact with you in order to be able to carry out other coordinated activities and agreements at short notice.

You will receive progress reports on the project status on a regular basis and we will keep you posted via joint reviews when important milestones are reached. We will be at your disposal with our expert knowledge and skills for consulting and advice during all stages of the project.

The production of your air conditioning units will be supported by a comprehensive controlling system in accordance with the most modern project standards. In this way, we can ensure that you will receive your air conditioning units within the agreed timeframe and with the optimal level of quality.

However, should something unforeseen still take place, we are in a position, as a medium-sized company, to respond to such events at short notice. We develop appropriate solutions in the quickest way and we implement them directly for you.

After completing the production, a 100% test of all air conditioning units takes place in our test room. Only fault-free air conditioning units are given clearance for dispatch.

In this way, we can ensure that each air conditioning unit produced by us meets the performance values promised by us and works properly after being installed in the vehicle.

As soon as the air conditioning units for the first vehicle of your fleet are ready, our service team will support you with their installation and initial commissioning. At the time of starting, a previously specified process will be executed, which guarantees that all agreed performance and comfort parameters are tested.

If all values meet the requirements, a joint commissioning report is then prepared and signed.

In order to ensure that your workshop and service personnel are aware of the capabilities, advantages and technical characteristics of your air conditioning units, we offer training courses for your employees, if required. In this way, you can be certain that your air conditioning units are maintained in conformity with the manufacturer's requirements and work as adapted to the specifications.

In the entire process, we place great emphasis on an open, long-term and reliable partner-like relationship. For KONVEKTA, a customer relationship at eye level is of great importance for us if we are to achieve the desired success for your project.

Driver's cab air conditioning unit / Passenger compartment air conditioning unit

According to the latest standards and requirements

Perfect climate for the driver's cab and passenger compartment

KONVEKTA railway vehicle air conditioning units meet all design-related standards of the railway industry. Apart from the advantages listed on the right, there are many other options for integrating air conditioning units optimally in your railway vehicle concept. Each air conditioning unit produced by us meets the most stringent comfort requirements with the help of an innovative control concept and moreover, is also optimised with respect to energy consumption. With proper and professional maintenance, operational reliability that is above average is ensured over the entire service life by high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) values.


  • A concept that is precisely adapted to your vehicle

  • Robust and durable aluminium chassis
  • Qualitatively high class and long-life components
  • Low weight
  • Controller integrated in the unit
  • Integration in the vehicle communication via CAN, MVB or Ethernet
  • Future-oriented refrigerant technologies that are climate-neutral
  • High reliability by redundant systems

In railway vehicles, air conditioning units that generally work independently of one another are installed for the driver and the passengers. These differ from one another in terms of their performance and their design due to the size of the room to be air conditioned.

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