FK3950, TK3950

Fresh cooling up to 24 m³, Deep-freezing up to 13 m³

The new generation − dynamic, sophisticated and powerful.

The KONVEKTA transportation refrigeration system FK3950, TK3950 is impressive with its dynamic design and excellent internal values.

The intelligent housing design of this compact system permits a high level of loading cargo. The ingeniously designed fan regulation keeps the noise level low. Thanks to the low weight and the mono-block design and construction, the appliance can be installed easily and quickly outside on the vehicle, as a result of which you can utilise the maximum cargo loading area in your vehicle. The system combines fresh cooling and deep-freezing, and hence it is particularly good for temperature-sensitive products. It can be controlled comfortably and conveniently from the driver's cab and keeps the operational and maintenance costs low over its entire service life thanks to durable components. As an option, the systems can be equipped with a 230V or 400V stationary set and there are different heating systems as well as a multi-temperature design available.


  • First class refrigeration output for fresh service and deep-freezing
  • Particularly high loading capacity due to low weight
  • Maximum utilisation of the valuable cargo loading area thanks to the intelligent housing design
  • High evaporator air output
  • Low noise level via the intelligent fan regulation
  • Environmentally-friendly refrigerant R452
  • Various network compressors for 230V and 400V
  • Hot gas defrosting as a standard feature
  • Technical Data FK3950

    Cooling power 0°C/30°C: 3.500W

    Refrigerant: R134a

    Weight when driving/stationary: 57/93 kg

    Dimensions: 612/1400/505 mm

  • Technical Data TK3950

    Cooling power 0°C/30°C: 3.800W

    Cooling power -20°C/30°C: 2.380W

    Refrigerant: R452a/R404a

    Weight when driving/stationary: 57/93 kg

    Dimensions of the evaporator: 612/1400/505 mm

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