Refrigeration systems for box vans with an electric drive

DKD133-E: FK1120-E

Loading capacity up to 6 m³

"E" like effective and easy.

The electric 12V transportation refrigeration system FK 1120-E, FK 1121-E from KONVEKTA is extremely durable and impressive, delivering high performance – under all traffic conditions.

 In particular, small vans which can be moved in narrow and crowded city centres in stop-and-start traffic yet seldom at optimal engine speeds, benefit from the record-breaking flat design of the evaporator and the drive via the 12V on-board electrical system. The refrigeration system works independently of the engine speed and hence refrigerates continuously in the optimal working range. The unit can be deployed flexibly in all vehicles and, moreover, it enables the optimal utilisation of the cargo loading area. Depending on the system, it is also available with hot gas defrosting and/or stationary operation (230V) as an option.


  • Battery-operated, with no compressor in the engine compartment
  • Brushless 12VB motor, expensive carbon brush replacement is not necessary
  • Reliable refrigeration up to 43°C outdoor temperature
    Extremely flat evaporator in the interior
  • Constantly high output in traffic jams and in city traffic with low energy consumption
  • Fast and easy installation

Technical Specifications of the FK1120-E

Technical Specifications of the FK1120-E

  • Cooling power 0°C/30°C: 938W

    Refrigerant: R134a

    Weight: 62 kg

    Dimensions of the condenser: 1100/769/189 mm

    Dimensions of the evaporator: 588/587/120 mm

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