Konvekta high-performance material

The Konvekta high-performance material offers several benefits as a material. The high leak-tightness and the insulating effect of the material have a favourable impact on the energy requirement. Furthermore these systems requires less refrigerant.

This specially developed high-performance material is used as the basis for holding all components, which makes servicing and maintenance very straightforward.

Defective products or waste can be ground again directly in the production process and recycled.

In fact, parts made from the high-performance material can be recycled into the material circulation system even if they come from dismantling or disassembling vehicles or air conditioning systems.


Plastics at Konvekta

In our air conditioning systems, to a large extent Konvekta uses components that either consist of or contain plastics. Hence, it is important for us to install plastics that are recyclable and which can be processed into recyclable materials at the end of their service life or at the time of their disposal.

The plastics used in our components contain the respective material identification and the seal for returning them to the recycling circuit, and this means that better recyclability is ensured. You can see this based on the example of polypropylene.
As a result, recyclate can be obtained from the “waste materials”, granules made from recycled material.



Similarly, since several components used by us, such as pipe lines, separator sheets, heat exchangers, etc. consist of metal, we collect and separate metals from damaged or aged parts for preparation at professional companies that are specialised for this purpose.

In this way, for example, one can recover aluminium and copper for reuse.



Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a non-profit organisation that was established in the year 2000 in London with the aim of having companies and municipalities publish their environmental data, such as greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to the environment and water consumption.

KONVEKTA AG is also committed within the framework of this project to stop generating CO2 emissions.

We rely on ecologically sustainable electricity in our production processes and this means that 100% "Green Power" will be drawn from hydroelectric power plants in Norway starting from 2021.

Moreover, we will also rely on sustainability in both the procurement processes and in the supply chain.

Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_Disclosure_Project