Social commitment

The children's house


Social commitment of the KONVEKTA-C.H. Schmitt Foundation 

The foundation's largest project is a children's home for orphans in Medan, Sumatra. It was opened in 2005 and was initially designed as an orphanage for fourteen children aged between seven and eighteen years.
Most of the children who were originally cared for by the foundation are now in employment and have left the children's home. To continue the Konvekta Children's House, the foundation has taken in children with handicaps, children rejected by their families and physically and/or mentally handicapped children.
Some of the newly admitted children were abandoned on the street - the youngest child was less than one year old. In Indonesia, such children are considered worthless. The children are lovingly cared for in our children's house, which is encouraged and recognized by the city government.
The children's house is now mainly financed by Konvekta. In addition to the running costs for the care of the children and young people, the school fees are also paid by the foundation


Language promotion in kindergarten

The Konvekta-C.H. Schmitt -Stiftung has started a pilot project with a kindergarten in Bad Hersfeld and has employed a part-time primary school teacher for this purpose. Through two additional volunteers the group receives additional support two days a week.
Children with a migration background must always be met with different learning methods. Due to a lack of German language skills, these children unfortunately do not succeed in grasping the classic learning material of the first years of primary school.
However, speaking and singing together in kindergartens and preschools can lead to much better progress in learning the German language, which in turn opens up better prospects for these children.

The "blooming landscapes" - our blooming areas

Since spring 2018, the Konvekta-C.H. Schmitt Foundation has converted more than 30,000 m2 of former lawns and arable land into flower meadows in order to regionally contain the decline of insects and bees. These flowering areas are consistently managed ecologically and are intended to serve as a source of food for insects, thus improving their living conditions and attracting further wild beneficiaries.

The Konvekta-C.H. Schmitt Foundation plans a substantial expansion of further areas as
permanent flowering areas, as well as the planting of protective hedges for songbirds, ground breeders, hedgehogs and other wild and forest animals.

„It is important to me that I can make a contribution to the preservation of biodiversity in this way“

confirms the founder of the foundation Carl H. Schmitt.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Our suppliers adhere to the fundamental workers’ rights enshrined in the relevant applicable national laws. The following principles are based on the basic principles of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Our suppliers are obliged to respect the personal rights of their employees. Human dignity must be respected. Any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying must be prevented wherever possible and systems to support affected employees upheld. The aim should be to foster a fair, tolerant, appreciative, and friendly working environment.

Our suppliers respect internationally recognized human rights and ensure that these are safeguarded.


Code of Conduct for Suppliers