Transport refrigeration products

Refrigeration systems for chilling and deep freezing

Whether panel van or box bodies, whether arctic temperatures or pinpoint reaction to temperature for the transport of highly-sensitive goods, whether cooling, heating or duo-temp – Konvekta cooling technology stand for technological competence and know-how.

Each KONVEKTA unit is technically figured out on high level, each component is tuned precisely to your requirements. Quality-work forwarding your vehicle with low life-cycle costs and high reliability.

Explore the KONVEKTA product range for transport refrigeration.

Compact systems for box bodies

  • FK3950, TK3950

    FK3950, TK3950

    This compact system impresses with its low weight and mono-block design.

Refrigeration systems for box bodies with a front-wall condenser

  • DKD514: FK4250, TK5550

    DKD514: FK4250, TK5550

    Thanks to this system cooling during transportation has never been as easy as it is now.

Refrigeration systems for panel vans with an electric drive

  • DKD133-E: FK1120-E

    DKD133-E: FK1120-E

    Expecially suitable for small vans in narrow and busy city centers.

Refrigeration systems for panel vans with an under-floor condenser

  • UKD221: FK1800, FK2000

    UKD221: FK1800, FK2000

    The integrated transport refrigeration systems are specific suitable for city traffic.

  • UKD109: FK1910

    UKD109: FK1910

    Integrates under-floor even in the smallest panel vans.

  • UKD325: FK2515, TK2915

    UKD325: FK2515, TK2915

    This transportation refrigeration system enables both: fresh cooling or deep-freezing.

  • UKD331: FK3410, TK4010

    UKD331: FK3410, TK4010

    With this system restricted entry and passage heights are old hat.

Refrigeration systems for panel vans with a roof-mounted condenser

  • DKD112: FK1920, FK2020

    DKD112: FK1920, FK2020

    Impresses with both fast installation and simple service handling.

  • DKD133: FK2320, FK2620, TK2520

    DKD133: FK2320, FK2620, TK2520

    The compact, flat design and low weight allows a very easy roof-mounting of this system.

  • DKD327: FK2720, FK3020, TK2920, TK4020

    DKD327: FK2720, FK3020, TK2920, TK4020

    The variety of combinations always enables the perfect cooling performance for every vehicle volume.

Konvekta is specialist for temperature-controlled transports

Our specialist fields are:

  • Transport refrigeration system for chilling and deep freezing , tempering systems for panel vans and trucks – box bodies
  • Additionally  integrated  transport refrigeration units for panel vans with under-floor condenser and condenser in front of the cooler
  • Cooling systems for the transport of perishable goods, transport of meat, transport of flowers
  • Tempering systems for the transport of highly-sensitive goods, pharmaceutical transports etc.
  • Evaporator and condenser for cooling systems