For Konvekta the customer is top priority

Failures and downtimes are “the number one enemy” for bus and train operators. Therefore, it is all the more important to provide quick and targeted assistance in case of problems and faults occurring in the vehicles.

Nevertheless, especially in these times of the Coronavirus pandemic, servicing is not always easy to realize and, in fact, not possible at all if the issue occurs beyond national borders. Moreover, a working air conditioning system, which filters viruses and bacteria from the indoor air is more important than ever before. The technical advancement that combines the customers and a service technician is also all the more significant.

Worldwide support by Augmented Reality

Konvekta AG, a manufacturer of air conditioning and CO2 heat pump systems for buses and rail vehicles, is taking an extra important step towards achieving optimum customer service. Konvekta has recently started deploying “Augmented Reality”. With this system it is now possible to provide instant support worldwide for each customer – in this way, the Konvekta support expert can guide the customer directly from his/her work place through the repair process and provide assistance.

With the help of any mobile device (e.g. a mobile phone or tablet), the customer can network directly with a service technician. A video and audio link is set up, and the image of the targeted object is transmitted from the smartphone camera via real-time video streaming to the computer of the technician. Both participants can now mark the screen with arrows or freehand drawings – or even freeze the image - to highlight a certain detail. The 3D object tracking enables placing spatial markings that remain “frozen” on real objects. With image-to-text recognition, part numbers and labels are identified and transmitted to the experts with just a few mouse clicks.

Now, you no longer need to make any assumptions about which lever must be pulled, which wire has to be cut, or which knob has to be pressed because the remote expert can see exactly what the employee sees locally on-site. And we can make a major contribution to solving the problem with the help of visual support.

The aim is to reduce repair times of bus and rail air conditioning systems to a minimum by using visual collaboration.