Ecological Mobile CO2 System

CO2-Heatpump system for buses

EmCO2s - Ecological Mobile CO2 System is an overall concept consisting of many individual component developments.

A CO2 heat pump with energy carrier modules. The brain - is the specially developed control unit - Konvekta "Clever Control". It regulates not according to fixed parameters, but individually. This creates efficient and demand-driven air conditioning and avoids unnecessary energy losses. Added to this is a Konvekta defrosting and de-icing strategy tailored to requirements.

The Energy Collect module for 15% - 20% efficiency increase and the use of natural refrigerant CO2.


  • 0-emissions - annual energy consumption is reduced by 50%
  • Up to 60 % higher range
  • Eco-friendly cooling and heating System with natural refrigerant R744 (CO2)


  • Infinitely variable
  • Air conditioning of driver‘s compartment

Technical Data EmCO2s

  • Cooling capacity [W]: 20.000-26.500
  • Heating capacity [W]: 14.000-20.000
  • COP [kg]: bis zu 4
  • Performance limit [°C]: -20°C bis +45°C


  • Energy Collect - energy recovery to heat the vehicle interior
  • Clever-Control - avoidance of unnecessary energy loss
  • Up to 70 % potential service cost savings
  • Natural, nontoxic and incombustible - natural refrigerant CO2
  • 100 % fresh air supply
  • Entirely recyclable system and therefore ecologically valuable

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