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Air conditioned hall of the next generation

360° testing for maximum performance and excellent product quality

Since 2017, a new air conditioned hall has been added to the KONVEKTA product range. In extensive test scenarios, we have checked the performance capability and functionality of air conditioning units and vehicles in this hall. The facility, which features the most modern measuring instruments and environmentally-friendly air conditioning, ensures an optimal test ambience in the process.

New construction of the climate hall

The qualification and validation of your air conditioning units takes place in accordance with specific requirements and is oriented towards prevalent DIN standards or your customised performance specifications. All results supplied are evaluated directly and prepared for you in the form of a detailed analysis.

The benefits of our test laboratory at a glance

  • Live monitoring of all parameters both inside and outside the vehicle

  • Seamless documentation, data processing and evaluation

  • Thermo-graphic analysis with a thermal imaging camera

  • Mock-up design of air and heating channel

Environmental simulations at extreme temperatures of -20 °C to +60 °C

The KONVEKTA air conditioning hall covers a temperature range from winter-like -20°C up to a very hot +60°C. At the same time, you can condition a regulated relative atmospheric humidity from 30% - 80% (starting from +10°C).

In addition, you can also set up environmental simulations such as insolation (solar radiation), rain or condensed water and, in fact, snow deposits. With this, the air conditioned hall offers the option of simulating climatic conditions from the most diverse zones and temperature cycles in the world − optimal conditions in order to reproduce your specific transportation situations and to perform professional validations and the qualification of your system.