Roof compact air conditioner | cooling capacity 10 kW

365 days of best driving climate

The roof compact air conditioner KL30T is light and has a high cooling capacity of 10 kW. Even at temperatures of 50° C it reliably brings a pleasant coolness into mini, city and intercity buses. This way your driver remains concentrated and your passengers stay relaxed despite severe heat!

The KL30T is easy to maintain and available with many extras. For example with a climate front box or a roof heating, keeping your passengers nice and warm in the bus even at freezing temperatures.


  • Easy and time saving installation
  • Innovative and flat design – height 161 mm
  • No air ducts required


  • Electric fresh air flap with air filter
  • Roof top heating
  • Brushless and stepless variable evaporator blower
  • Front box connections as standard

Technical Data

  • Cooling capacity [W]: 10.000
  • Heating capacity [W]: 12.500
  • Current draw [A]: 57
  • Weight [kg]: 41
  • Performance limit [°C]: 50

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