Your benefits for maximum development efficiency

KONVEKTA implements 360° air conditioning solutions for quick and efficient product development until the final air conditioning and refrigeration system. We test, improve, customise and install your air conditioning and refrigeration units at only one location so as to save on costs and conserve resources. Meanwhile, you will save on logistics effort and costs with this comprehensive service.

In our air conditioned hall we test your samples and prototypes with the help of extensive performance and functional tests. Our engineers identify weak points and problematic areas directly while conducting the tests and optimise your product during the test phase. We specifically reduce the development risk of your systems and ensure the best product quality.

By technically functional component tests with the most modern test equipment, we identify potential material defects and product faults. New components are used for mass production only after achieving optimal test results. Even components that are already available can be optimized subsequently. In this way, you make an important contribution to the quality assurance of your air conditioning units.

The air conditioning hall of KONVEKTA is perfectly designed to meet your needs for testing and improving your systems and offers the complete range of test methods. Depending on the requirement, we check your entire vehicle and the air conditioning equipment installed in it within the shortest period of time. Our processes, which are perfectly matched with one another, make the principle of "Everything from a single source" possible at an attractive price.

In the air conditioned hall, we perform tests with the innovative methods VIL and SIL. In the VIL method, entire vehicles are tested under the influence of temperature, humidity or sunlight, and in the SIL method, individual air conditioning units are tested under realistic conditions. The methods are particularly resource-conserving and enable relevant test scenarios to be implemented that can be reproduced as desired. During the test procedure, the change in the control quality to changes in command parameters or the response to disturbance variables is analysed. You can optimise the settings of the controller or the unit based on this.

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