Roof compact air conditioner | cooling capacity 4,3/4,2 kW

Our experts for satisfied bus drivers

The flat and slim Konvekta roof compact air conditioners KL20E and KL20KDE are the perfect driver A/C for minibuses.

They allow bus drivers to work concentrated even at high temperatures. Both units can be installed flexibly on the roof, independent of roof hatches. They are incredibly easy to service. The air filter is quick and easy to replace directly from the bus interior.


  • service-friendly roof top unit (filter replacement from the interior, no access to the roof is required)
  • efficient recirculation air mode, highest performance class
  • flexibly mountable, independent of roof


  • Electronic A/C control
  • Available with two air distribution versions
  • Air blow-out via nozzles or via overall distribution

Technical Data KL20E

  • Cooling capacity [W]: 4.300
  • Current draw [A]: 62-79(1)
  • Weight [kg]: 53
  • Performance limit [°C]: 42

(1) depending on exterior temperature

Technical Data KL20KDE*

  • Current draw [A]: 52-59(1)
  • Weight [kg]: 48
  • Performance limit [°C]: 42


Technical data dependent on equipment.

(1) depending on exterior temperature

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