Future viability through innovation

Future-proof sustainability

Advantage through sustainability - this motto is lived, these are not only words for us and our employees.

Many innovative developments of Konvekta are standard today and are installed in all air conditioning systems.

Some examples:

  • Konvekta discoverered the suitability of CO2 as a refrigerant in mobile applications and the developed the first mobile CO2 heat pump for buses and rail vehicles.
  • Konvekta was the first air conditioning manufacturer to use reusable metal mesh filters.
  • The first fully automatic control system that adjusted power to demand, significantly reducing energy consumption.
  • The first components made of aluminum, these were much lighter and saved weight and therefore energy
  • Also the first ecological housing concept with the use of high-performance materials, which on the one hand reduce energy consumption but are also 100% recyclable.

The CO2 heatpumps is the climate-friendly alternative

CO2 heat pumps are sustainable and environmentally friendly due to the environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2. Without producing emissions, buses and rail vehicles can be cooled pleasantly for drivers and passengers in summer, and in winter the interior is heated to a comfortable temperature using the ambient air.

With natural CO2 as a refrigerant, considerable energy savings can be achieved in cooling and heating operation, because CO2 has up to 20% higher efficiency than chemical refrigerants, and the target temperature is reached 20% faster.
As a natural component of air, CO2 has a global warming potential of only factor 1 - chemical refrigerants are 1000 times higher or they are flammable and the decomposition products are dangerous for the environment!

CO2 (R744) as a natural refrigerant is the climate-friendly alternative to the chemical refrigerants commonly used today.

Konvekta CO2 heat pump for track vehicles

The Konvekta CO2 heat pump for track vehicles works with a high level of efficiency: in order to achieve 100% heat, the heat pump requires only a fraction of the energy fed. Comparatively speaking, in regard to the energy consumption of the possible HVAC-variants, the heat pump is the most energy efficient option. In the best case scenario, the CO2 heat pump requires only one-third of the required drive energy for 100% output.

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