Research and Projects

Clever Control 

Fully integrated control system for CO2 heat pump THERMOMANAGEMENT

Digitalization and networking are major topics today. The decisive efficiency advantages are currently and will increasingly be determined by software in the future. With our own control software “Clever-Control” (CC) and the “AES-Mode” module, the Konvekta CO2 heat pump systems are 100% demand driven and automatically controlled. The system includes up to 800 different parameters in its evaluations. A small part are specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. The majority, however, are live analyzes from sensor data during driving modus (number of passengers, air quality, battery temperature, outside temperature). If there are for example many people in the vehicle, the interior does not need to be heated as much because each individual person heats the bus with its own body heat. If there are few people in the vehicle, the interior needs to be heated more. This individual control, which automatically adapts to every situation, avoids unnecessary energy losses.

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