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Energy Collect

Energy Collect is an innovative module used in a heat pump THERMALMANAGEMENT-system for electric buses. It was specifically developed to efficiently use the waste heat generated in various places in the vehicle and supply it to the heat pump circuit as an additional source of energy.

The Energy Collect module can be placed in a variety of different places in the bus, for example on the axles or the battery. Waste heat is normally generated in these places and previously remained unused so far. But with Energy Collect, this waste heat is absorbed and lead into the heat pump circuit.

The integration of Energy Collect into the heat pump thermal management of the electric bus, results in significant energy savings of up to 20%. This not only means improved energy efficiency of the bus, but also a longer range and reduced dependence on external energy sources.

How Energy Collect works is extremely simple. The module consists of special heat exchangers that absorb the waste heat and transfer it to the heat pump circuit. This means that the thermal energy is used efficiently and integrated into the bus's heating processes.

Another advantage of Energy Collect is its flexibility. The module can be placed in different locations in the vehicle, depending on where the largest amount of waste heat is generated.

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