CO2 Heatpump for electric double decker buses

Air-water heat pump

Highly efficient, powerful, innovative and good for the environment. The Konvekta CO2 heat pump for electronic double-decker buses. Ecologically sustainable.

Konvekta thinks ahead and develops a CO2 climate management system for electric double-decker buses.

For reasons of vehicle height, it cannot be placed on the roof of a double-decker bus. The compact system is thus integrated into the vehicle.


  • Simultaneous cold and warm water production
  • Outstanding efficiency in comparison to electric boiler
  • Fully integrated CAN-control system, customized via 800 parameter settings
  • Energy Collect waste heat recovery


  • Optimized efficiency through frequency-controlled compressor
  • AES mode for hot water production without electric boiler
  • Independent control of driver and passenger area
  • On-demand de-icing during operation
  • Waste heat recovery into heating circuit
  • Natural refrigerant with A1 classification (neither toxic nor flammable)
  • Low TCO through reduced service costs and optimized energy consumption while extending life of battery
  • Decoupled component carrier with flexible configuration

Technical Data CO2 HP for E-double decker buses

  • Cooling capacity [W]: 14.400
  • Heating capacity [W]: 15.600
  • Current draw heating mode [A]: 90
  • Energy consumption heating mode [kW]: 9,6
  • Energy consumption cooling mode [kW]: 10,8
  • Length/Width/Height [mm]: 1450x1025x510

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