Air conditioning for rail vehicles

Driver's cab and passenger compartment air conditioning units

According to the latest standards and requirements

Perfect climate for the driver's cab and passenger compartment

KONVEKTA railway vehicle air conditioning units meet all design-related standards of the railway industry.

Apart from the advantages listed on the right, there are many other options for integrating air conditioning units optimally in your railway vehicle concept. Each air conditioning unit produced by us meets the most stringent comfort requirements with the help of an innovative control concept and moreover, is also optimised with respect to energy consumption. With proper and professional maintenance, operational reliability that is above average is ensured over the entire service life by high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) values.


  • A concept that is precisely adapted to your vehicle
  • Robust and durable aluminium chassis
  • Qualitatively high class and long-life components
  • Low weight
  • Controller integrated in the unit
  • Future-oriented refrigerant technologies that are climate-neutral
  • High reliability by redundant systems

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