Refrigeration systems for pharmaceuticals transports

FK 2515 Pharma

Pharmaceutical transports

Delicate Freight. Sensitive subject.

KONVEKTA provides a holistic solution for the demanding temperature-sensitive distribution traffic.

The thermal stability of several pharmaceuticals places special demands on the refrigeration logistics. With its refrigeration and heater units especially tuned for the transport of pharmaceuticals, KONVEKTA comprehensively meets the requirements of the GDP Directive. 

KONVEKTA systems react particularly quickly and effectively to temperature fluctuations.


  • No problems with limited entry or clearance height
  • high cooling capacity
  • powerful condensers
  • pressure-controlled condenser fan (UKD 325, UKD 331)
  • quiet operation
  • long service life
  • low weight, high payload

Technical data FK 2000

  • Cooling capacity at +6°C inside [W]: 2.000
  • Cooling capacity at +0°C inside [W]: 1.600
  • Heating capacity [W]: 4.000
  • Current draw [A]: 15
  • Weight [kg]: 26
  • Length/Width/Height [mm]: 586/592/192

Technical data FK 2515

  • Cooling capacity at +6°C inside [W]: 2.400
  • Cooling capacity at +0°C inside [W]: 2.100
  • Heating capacity [W]: 6.500
  • Current draw [A]: 28
  • Weight [kg]: 35
  • Length/Width/Height [mm]: 720/407/121,5

Technical data FK 3410

  • Cooling capacity at +6°C inside [W]: 3.200
  • Cooling capacity at +0°C inside [W]: 2.800
  • Heating capacity [W]: 7.500
  • Current draw [A]: 30
  • Weight [kg]: 37
  • Length/Width/Height [mm]: 900/416/110

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