Refrigeration systems for pharmaceuticals transports

Pharmaceutical transport

Delicate Freight. Sensitive subject.

The thermal stability of several pharmaceuticals places special demands on the refrigeration logistics.
Numerous statutory specifi cations and industry standards govern temperature-controlled transport operations (e.g.: Imports transports) and represent a great challenge for shipping and forwarding agents.

The effectiveness of medication and vaccines may become reduced considerably by unavoidable temperature fl uctuations. To protect the patients dependent on the medication, the EU implemented the GDP Directive (Good Distribution Practice) in 2013.

With its refrigeration and heater units especially tuned for the transport of pharmaceuticals, KONVEKTA comprehensively meets the requirements of the distributors.

Several series of tests conducted independently at the premises of pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors indicate optimal temperature constancy with any outdoor temperature. In the process, the consumption of diesel in these distribution vehicles remains comfortably low.
KONVEKTA achieves this quality with the help of specially designed combination evaporators that respond particularly quickly and effectively to temperature fluctuations.

The running time of the refrigeration compressors could be reduced decisively in comparison with those of conventional refrigeration and heater units.
Consequently, the service life of the compressor has been considerably enhanced and the energy consumption reduced dramatically.

Together with the comprehensive service network, competent consultancy and the refrigeration and heater units adapted to the vehicle size, KONVEKTA provides a holistic solution for the demanding temperature-sensitive distribution traffic.

Whether hot or cold - with refrigeration units from KONVEKTA, sensitive and delicate goods for transport are temperature controlled with clockwork precision.


  • Safer transport of pharmaceuticals by water heating and special pharmaceutical control units
  • Compliance with the GDP Directive
  • Seamless and smooth refrigeration-heating supplychain
  • Quick ability to heat to the target temperaturewithout overshooting
  • Accurate maintenance of the target temperaturewith any outdoor temperature
  • Low energy consumption by utilising the enginewaste heat for heating
  • Low energy consumption by short running times ofthe compressor and therefore less wear and tear
  • Short amortisation times by energy savings in dayto-day operation

Konvekta control unit FR4 Pharma for:
FK 1800 Pharma / FK 2000 Pharma / FK 2515 Pharma / FK 3410 Pharma / FK 3950 Pharma

FK 1800 Pharma

FK 2000 Pharma

FK 2515 Pharma

FK 3950 Pharma

FK 3410 Pharma

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