Ultralight 500-700 CO2 Heatpump

Roof compact air conditioner | Cooling capacity: 26,5 kW | Heating capacity: 21 kW

The most environmentally friendly and innovative way to air-condition electric buses

The Ultralight 500-700 CO2 heat pump is our holistic thermal management for electric buses - and a must for innovative and ecologically oriented transport companies.

It is operated with CO2 - a refrigerant permitted in the long term - and extracts the energy from the ambient air - thus increasing the range of the electric bus by up to 60%. The savings potential in service costs is enormous: it is around 70%. Thanks to the new energy carrier modules, the Ultralight 500-700 CO2 heat pump is very flexible: it can heat and cool buses simultaneously - and cool the batteries, for example, while simultaneously heating the passenger compartment.


  • CO2 heat pump
  • CO2 is cheap and permanently available
  • The system heats and cools simultaneously
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable material


  • Driver's seat air conditioning
  • Infinitely variable

Technical Data UltraLight 500EM CO2 HP

  • Cooling capacity [W]: 25.000
  • Heating capacity -20°C [W]: N/A
  • Heating capacity -15°C [W]: 15.400
  • Heating capacity -10°C [W]: 17.700
  • Heating capacity -5°C [W]: 18.500
  • Heating capacity 0°C [W]: 21.000
  • Heating capacity +5°C [W]: 15.800
  • Heating capacity +15°C [W]: 14.300
  • Compressor: CO2

Technical Data UltraLight 700EM CO2 HP

  • Cooling capacity [W]: 30.000
  • Heating capacity -20°C [W]: 14.300
  • Heating capacity -15°C [W]: N/A
  • Heating capacity -10°C [W]: 19.300
  • Heating capacity -5°C [W]: 19.500
  • Heating capacity 0°C [W]: 22.100
  • Heating capacity +5°C [W]: 15.400
  • Heating capacity +15°C [W]: 12.300
  • Compressor: CO2

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