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module for AES-control for e-buses

AES-mode control module for e-buses

AES-Mode reduces acquisition costs and energy consumption of e-buses.

CO2 heat pump systems draw a large part of the required energy from the air and not from the battery. This system operates more than 50% more efficiently than an electric system. The new software add-on module, the AES mode (Additional Energy Storage), eliminates the need for an additional heater. Currently, every heat pump vehicle also has an additional electric heater to cover special temperature peaks during winter seasons and for the pre-heating process before starting in the morning.

With the new AES (Additional Energy Storage) mode module, the Konvekta CO2 heat pump system can distribute 100% of the generated energy as needed. For example, using 100% of the available heat for hot water treatment. Another advantage of the system is that it can independently take over the entire preconditioning process, even at low temperatures. Vehicles with AES therefore do not need an electric auxiliary heater.

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