Customised air conditioning units

Customized HVAC Systems

Cooling and heating systems for driver's cabs

In summer or winter - always a pleasant working climate

KONVEKTA develops your system concept entirely according to your ideas.the components of your air conditioning system can be expanded with additional technical components and thus made unique.

With KONVEKTA you set new standards in the development of innovative air conditioning and heating systems for your vehicle cab.Through high product variability, we create the conditions for the most diverse product specifications and develop the optimal air conditioning solution for your driver's cab with the help of our latest engineering and simulation tools.

With every KONVEKTA product, you can rely on high manufacturing quality, high-performance components and sustainable future technologies.


  • Customized system concepts for a wide range of operating conditions
  • Realization of high performance in a small space
  • Wide range of control solutions
  • Individual adaptation of control components and nozzles to the cabin interior
  • Adaptation of filter technology to your design requirements

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Volker Kropf

Sales manager busines devision cabin a/c
Volker Kropf

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Deputy Sales Manager
Christian Kempf

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Bärbel Stuhlmann

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