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KONVEKTA cabin air conditioning – customised cabin climate.

Intelligent holistic climate control solutions for construction, agricultural, forest and special machinery.
With our air conditioning units, we offer you the optimally coordinated holistic package for each driver's cabin.

Product Range HVAC Systems

  • Modular Air Conditioning Series

    Modular Air Conditioning Series

    A climate solution for all vehicle cabs - variants air conditioning (cooling and Heating), cooling, heating for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, off-road machinery, harvesters, ambulances and rescue vehicles.

  • aiRLine - Air conditioning and heating systems

    aiRLine - Air conditioning and heating systems

    The aiRLine provides the most comfortable working environment in cabs of off-road and heavy-duty machinery due to the high performance insulation of EPP Die aiR Line sorgt durch die Hochleistungsisolierung von EPP für das angenehmste Arbeitsklima in Kabinen von Off-Road und Heavy-Duty Maschinerie.

  • Customised air conditioning units

    Customised air conditioning units

    KONVEKTA realises your system concept completely in line with your imagination.

Reliability and individuality are our strengths

Konvekta is your partner from the first minute – and ensure this reliability also during the entire service life of the machine. Jointly we will develop an individually and optimally designed overall system for the cabin climate according to the conception and requirement profiles of our customers. From the smallest wheel loader to the biggest mining vehicle – from 2.5 kW to 11 kW we will handle any requirement.

Joint planning and development requires structure and strategy.

An organised planning and execution is required to realise complex activities efficient and in a cost-saving way. In most projects also a tight schedule is of high relevance. Therefore, many activities are performed in parallel and not one after the other.

KONVEKTA assists you from the first concept discussion across all steps of your project.

After receipt of your specifications, these will be thoroughly reviewed and a climate requirement calculation will be carried out for the system. Furthermore, the air flow and the cooling and heating behaviour is virtually simulated by means of special software (CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics). This method makes it possible to analyse flow parameters in advance, providing for optimal design of the future system. After the demonstration of the concept, different experiments and tests of the components such as heating, cooling, measurements of air, current, speed, airflow etc. are simulated in order to determine the best components to be integrated. 

The test series are subsequently evaluated and we manufacture a prototype of the overall system.  Due to the high degree of in-house production depth, Konvekta offers the required individuality and flexibility. The heat exchangers for evaporators and condensers for instance are made in the own production so that even the smallest available space can be used without any problems. All different manufacturing procedures can be mapped in the range of housing technology: from metal sheet housings from our in-house production to injection moulding of plastic parts to an extremely hard-wearing and durable construction material, which serves as a basis to hold all components. In addition, KONVEKTA has a wide range of control solutions –  from mechanical control units to semi and fully automated convenience solutions to CAN climate controls. In addition to the customisation of the control components, we also adjust the design of the nozzles to the interior of the cabin.

360° testing for maximum performance and excellent product quality

After manufacture of the first prototype however, all air-conditioning components need to pass some internal and external tests until the system is ready for series production. The complete air-conditioning system and its performance with the real intake and air distribution conditions is analysed in our in-house climate chamber.
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Thus, the vehicle manufacturer can start field testing under ideal conditions and the foundation is laid for series-production readiness.

After completion of the test series the finished climate product will be transferred for series production. Due to the flexible and lean logistics and production system we are able to supply our customers reliably all over the world. In this phase, adherence to quality requirements, economic efficiency and timeliness are of utmost priority. 

KONVEKTA is your partner for planning and realisation of climate solutions. We support you from the first minute – over the entire service life of the vehicle. We make almost any individual solution possible within the shortest development times.  

We are here to support you with your off-highway projects.

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