Refrigeration systems with an under-floor condenser

Refrigeration systems for box vans with an under-floor condenser

  • UKD221: FK1800, FK2000

    UKD221: FK1800, FK2000

    The integrated transport refrigeration systems are specific suitable for city traffic.

  • UKD109: FK1910

    UKD109: FK1910

    Integrates under-floor even in the smallest panel vans.

  • UKD325: FK2515, TK2915

    UKD325: FK2515, TK2915

    This transportation refrigeration system enables both: fresh cooling or deep-freezing.

  • UKD331: FK3410, TK4010

    UKD331: FK3410, TK4010

    With this system restricted entry and passage heights are old hat.