UKD109: FK1910

Fresh cooling up to 11 m³

Ultra-flat and ultra-flexible.

The KONVEKTA transportation refrigeration system FK 1910 is impressive with its light weight and flexible handling.

The flat and compact design and the low weight of the condensers and evaporators used enable rooftop mounting or integrated stationary set installation of the systems. In addition, the well thought-out design of the appliances makes it possible for them to be installed easily and quickly. With a cooling power of up to 1970 W, the FK 1910 achieves a particularly high power. Depending on the product configuration, apart from refrigeration while driving, you can also refrigerate when the vehicle is stationary. The system is available with hot gas defrosting and a heater as an option.


  • Integrated application
  • The vehicle silhouette is maintained
  • High cooling power
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Very low weight
  • Extremely flat evaporator
  • Comes optionally with a heater function
  • Technical Data FK1910

    Cooling power 0°C/30°C: 1970W

    Refrigerant: R134a

    Weight when driving/stationary: 25/63 kg

    Dimensions of the condenser: 600/310/126 mm

    Dimensions of the evaporator: 588/593/120 mm

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